New hilarity from black Harlem ‘pastor’ Insane James Manning: Pres. Obama secret CIA agent for decades; headed fight against USSR w/Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan!

20 Feb

Video below:

Harlem “pastor” James David (“Insane James”) Manning once again takes advantage of his position and tax-free revenue stream to turn himself and the “ATLAH church” into a worldwide joke.

He’s riding the cult of personality popular among the tiny world of neo-christian nationalists and black anti-black racists (he’s black and likes to use racist terms and obsolete stereotypes to attack blacks who aren’t in lockstep with him or the NCNs).

He has cleaned up his image a little for his youtube video publishing studio it seems. He has had his fill of the nasty feedback he earns apparently, so he disables commenting on the videos he regularly puts online.

At least this video shows him sounding mildly rational (if you ignore the meaning of his words), thanks to the fact that he stuck strictly to reading his pre-written script (That’s somehow different from President Obama using a prompter while giving speeches).

He’s been doing these for a while now and seems to feel media savvy and comfortable, but not natural, in front of the background-staging hanging curtains and in front of the camera.

Maybe he’s fighting an inner drag queen or he’s a closet costume designer? Who knows these days? He does do religious drag in church, like those Irish Roman Catholics at St. Mary’s with those hanging robes and dress-looking things, and look at that pope guy, for example. We all know how warped religious drag can make you. Not me, but maybe you. Certainly them.

Feb 17 2010 “Insane James” Manning claims:

  • That President Barack Hussein Obama has been a CIA secret agent for decades — recruited in 1980
  • That as the lead CIA agent supplying arms and money to the Taliban from Pakistan, he secretly was, hands-on, the U.S.A.’s part in Afghanistan’s victorious fight against the USSR
  • That from Pakistan he directly armed and funded Osama bin Laden to fight for Afghanistan

At the time, it was U.S. policy to help defeat the Soviet Union by semi-secretly working with everyone in Afghanistan, including the Taliban and bin Laden, right?

This whatever-he-is is making up some fantastical national defense and international affairs chops for President Barack Hussein Obama, and says he somehow intends to turn around and use those (imaginary) positive resume entries as part of his accusations of treason against the President in court!

I can’t wait to see the episode he records right after they don’t give “Insane James” Manning the time of day in court for his “Columbia Treason Trials”, when he decides he now has proof of the conspiracy against him. Martyrs are made of less. Somebody should watch that cultish little group May 14-19, 2010.

Watch for more from Insane James Manning around May 14-19 2010 when Insane James Manning plans on bringing treason charges against President Obama in the “Columbia Trials”!

Unfortunately for Insane James Manning, his joke of a “trial” will never take place. Just as the “birthers’” bullshit court filings are now recognized for what they are, and the lawyers bringing them have been fined as much as $100,000 for bringing contemptible “nuisance suits”.

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