Becky really IS using ‘nazi’ propaganda talking points again!

10 May

Achtung Glenn Beck! Beck’s Nazi Roots Revealed
by bernardpliers
Apr 30 2010

Glenn wants to throw down by calling Kos a Nazi? Bring it, cupcake! Let’s watch Beck spout actual Nazi propaganda talking points.

Social Justice anyone?

First at bat – Glenn Beck

This doesn’t go well for Becky. The included videos are indisputable proof. The page is a keeper.

Someone, this time Glenn (“Becky”) Beck, is using the Nazi playbook and propaganda again, to manipulate a tiny minority into a malignant force.

Please vote every chance you get. Every election. The U.S.A. was unnecessarily shoved so far right before President Obama that candidates who are now barely left of center are called far-left Democrats.

Keep the U.S. Senate Democratic. Keep the U.S. House Democratic. Don’t pull a Palin.

Of course we can do it. Only a few months before November 2010 and we must be about getting things done, ready or not. Don’t pull a Palin now.

They said President Obama could never be elected because he is not only not white, he’s black.

What he is is what the majority of voters want, if we can get our asses to the ballot box in large enough numbers to beat the cheats.


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