It’s A (Black) Gay Thing – You Can’t Understand

01 Aug
Black Gays For Justice and Respect
Unnamed Black Man Holding Poster: Black Gays For Justice and Respect

Black Gay Male Couple Smiles Widely, Wearing Matching T-Shirts: "Gay is the new Black"

Photo: Black Gay Male Couple Smiling Widely, Matching T-Shirts: “Gay Is The New Black”

This entry is dedicated to Black Christian News at and its sick and twisted Commenters at

Black Christian News-type American Christians, like the majority of the staff of Black Christian News, are still religious supremacists because their ancestors’ owners taught them to be.

They are still generationally hornswaggled in this way.

Their ancestors were indoctrinated with some version of Christianity (Laws against African slaves being able to read, against them reading, and against teaching them to read included the Bible). The American (white, usually illiterate) Christianity supremacy their owners used against them eventually subsumed them.

I’m not saying black-skinned people have no ability to make up their own minds, I’m saying there’s a good chance they (and we all, of all colors) are still living lives tainted by the lies and propaganda tools of the white Americans who owned black slaves in the U.S., including manufactured beliefs about Christianity.

Limitation-heavy, designed to eliminate dissatisfaction reactions by instilling passivity, and mainly (then) to keep the enslaved heathens from practicing any African rites because no part of their lives was allowed to be outside the slave-owners’ control, including their access to any comfort they might have gotten from their god(s).

The anti-gay writers and commenters of Black Christian News are the same as sign-carrying cultist and Baptist Rev. Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kansas, and his website.

Except in choice of language, there is no real difference between what the two groups are saying and the fact that they are using the same excuse to harass, malign and torture: religion. Since they are not going anywhere they must be equally rejected and repudiated; scorned.

Either really kill gays as you endlessly repeat that your hand-me-down version of god has ordered — as authorized by the King of England in the 1600’s, around the beginning of the end for religious tyranny: Plymouth Rock time for the U.S.A. — or shut the fuck up. You can’t follow your own religious beliefs because they are too radical and crazy!

Similar radically incorrect “conservative” groups of religious supremacy enforcers still publicly behead and hang women for the religious crime of getting raped.

In the U.S. it’s a religious crime to act as though there is or should be full equality and freedom for women inclusive of their sexuality, their bodies, and all products of their bodies, including work product and babies.

Your understanding of your god is the same as that of Islamic people anywhere in the world who mistakenly believe Muhammed ordered the killing of gays, who actually kill gay people based on that ignorance.

Unless you do your part as individual so-called believers and help to bring gays to execution, you are just mouthy hypocrites and cowards who cannot live up to the same exact Bible citations you are using as excuse clubs for your immoral and illegal abuses of other, equal, human beings.

Leviticus 20:13 says nothing about infinitely whining or nagging or abusing gay people. It doesn’t say to call them names and tell them they are going to your religiously imagined hell. It says to kill them!

Lev. 20:13 Or STFU!


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One response to “It’s A (Black) Gay Thing – You Can’t Understand

  1. Fred V

    Tue Jun 29 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Love it!


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