Pardon Me….Or Don’t, Either Way Is OK

01 Jul

Yippee! More! Ole!

Experiential Pagan: Ahnesti

imageBut I have to swear now.  A lot.  Like this entire page full of the word “FUCK!” in the biggest font I can find, and simultaneously delivered in full vocal scream mode.

Because, NO, just FUCKING NO!

And because of what ALL THESE GUYS said.

I spent the whole morning melting and cleaning beeswax, trying to get my ‘calm’ on…and come in and see that we cannot seem to resist the need to bleed more in that fucking unnecessary sandbox.

FUCK!  And if this seems too ‘unspiritual’ for this blog?  Just let me be clear — we need to stay out of civil wars; particularly RELIGIOUS civil wars, damn it.  Oh, and very yes to THIS.

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2 responses to “Pardon Me….Or Don’t, Either Way Is OK

  1. syrbal-labrys

    Tue Jul 01 2014 at 9:14 am

    Thank you for the shout out! Oh, and don’t worry…there is always more, more, more(at both blogs) — with a female rebel yell that has jack shit to do with the neo-Confederacy of homophobic misogynistic rethuglican warmongering chickenhawks.



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