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Consolidating, condensing, or axing several partially formed websites I've authored and published as I've let things grow (and let things go) organically since 1999. I'm Allan. Hey, You. The original website will be forever in the Internet Archive: "Loving more Queers pound-for-pound than any other site on the Internet." That's my opinion, and you're welcome to it. Don't forget the rest: "Websites cannot love." Are you here to accept my 'Lev. 20:13 ME or STFU' Challenge? I'm 100% serious. This isn't intended to be a secret incident. I won't immediately trust you with my physical location and cellphone number. I'm not looking to get executed by some anonymous coward. There really is no need for this to take all that long, if you're committed and prepared to 'do the deed' and accept the consequences. Are you ready to set an example for those Christians who seem all full of bluster, publicly nagging other people to obey them, but empty of the courage of their convictions when applied to themselves? Well, I respect someone like you more than someone damning all of us Queers to imaginary Hell for eternity, working to profit from trying to lay waste to our lives while quoting the first half of Leviticus 20:13 and refusing to be convicted themselves -- most probably you'd be punished non-religiously for the rest of your short, inconsequential, Earth-bound lifetime -- by the second part of Leviticus 20:13. The only solution to the first part, and it's right there, Biblically ordered, is the second part of Leviticus 20:13! I keep my word. Follow through with this and you're sure to become an overnight religious STAR! I won't get anything out of it because I'll be dead. Whatever else I turn into, like on 'Bones', I'll just be a dead guy to me. Jon Stewart Is God (B.E.L.I.E.V.E.I.N.H.I.M.O.R.D.I.E.)

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In Jerusalem, Afro-Palestinians Are the Hardest Hit in the Israeli Occupation

Zohra al-Qadi, member of African community in Jerusalem, holding one of her grandchildren (BBC) The conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians continues to take its toll, and in Jerusalem, Palestinians of African descent are among those most severely impacted by the cycle of violence.

via In Jerusalem, Afro-Palestinians Are the Hardest Hit in the Israeli Occup — Nappy News


In Jerusalem, Afro-Palestinians Are the Hardest Hit in the Israeli Occupation — Nappy News


Columns > “Christian War Fever”

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NFL players taking a knee…. Why I support them

Check out @LawyerRogelio’s Tweet of a video. It’s all right there:

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Chuck Baldwin Challenges End Times Theology of ‘zionized’ Christians

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