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David Pakman Intrvu- Son Of ‘God Hates Fags’ Would ‘Legally’ Execute ‘Fags’ & Non-Virgin Brides

Jonathan Phelps, member of the ‘God Hates Fags’ Westboro Baptist Church, son of the cult’s leader, Fred Phelps, and brother of Shirley Phelps-Roper, Fred’s second-in-command, joins David to discuss whether ‘God Hates Fags’ supports Mitt Romney or Barack Obama in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election.

Phelps admits that full marriage equality is coming soon to the United States, responds to a few questions about family members defecting from the cult, and much more.

Broadcast on October 10, 2012


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Victoria Jackson’s Further Mental Meltdown, Over Election Results

Victoria Jackson’s Further Mental Meltdown, Over Election Results



VIDEO Many Anti-Gay Catholics vs. 1 Fed-Up Target Of Their Lies. He Did Overcome.

Another Right-Wing Conservative Catholic Supremacy SIGN Gets Its Just Rewards

Now that you’re already here, go ahead and click the link above and play the video!

Some very tall little boys got all full of themselves on a corner with lots of traffic. They were “hard Right-Wing” conservative Catholics dressed uniformly, with dramatic silky red sashes oh-so-gaily thrown over one shoulder. They chanted loudly in unison, with practised precision, all to suggest a formidable militaristic unit. They held a large, professionally manufactured banner sign.

They brought their fine silks out into the public free market of ideas, ”informationally protesting” on a street corner. They were essentially trolling (intentionally stirring up trouble for instigation and incitement). They are electioneering against a specific ballot initiative on behalf of the theocratic empire of Rome.

They are part of an international Catholic organization busily attacking several “Left-Wing” governments whose nations are recently independent of the theocratic empire of Rome. It uses the same tactics as every other right-wing con artist and organization in existence right now: Cause chaos and loot. Cover your ass and mine and we’ll continue to advance our takeover of the world. Again.

Out of nowhere in this video, one man appears to maintain a razor-edge control as he walks silently up to the group and begins shredding the banner held by several of them. All of the man-boys begin shouting, “Aggressor! Aggressor!” and video furiously, unable to otherwise defend their large masterpiece, the centerpiece of their protest.

Or to defend their childish, carefully imagined fake status as a finely tuned militaristic unit capable of bringing the hurt to plenty of sinners if only HQ would activate them and give them missions and stuff.

Instead, they are revealed as what they are: A bunch of grown mean kids in a Smear-the-Queers Club, officially sponsored by the Catholics. At least one adult was willing to step up and interfere with their lies. The same lies which are repeated by actual hate groups listed alongside the KKK and the National Front.


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If No Anti-Mormon Gays Protest At Your Temple, Rent-A-Mob

This pious Mormon’s religious plotting to create fake anti-Mormon episodes impresses other followers of their impotent iguana-god, and some Catholics. Anybody who gives a nickel to any cause backed by this man or supported by his current associates, or supported by anything Mormon, is my enemy.

Short version of the pitch from this highly paid disgrace; Gary Lawrence is a con artist, liar, and fraud:

We need buzz. Even negative buzz is good. Actually, negative buzz is exactly what we want. We don’t want any contention, but if you don’t get any contention, go down to the local rent-a-mob and get some protesters. We need negative local buzz.

UPDATE: This video has been pulled by the person who originally put it online. I hope to find a copy of it to put here in place of the dead YouTube link below. Googling Gary Lawrence will bring you to many sources corroborating this speech and mindset.


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Salon’s This Week In Crazy: The Pope’s This week in crazy: The pope

As a sex abuse scandal continues to threaten the Catholic Church, the pontiff just keeps digging his own grave

Apr 03 2010
By Mary Elizabeth Williams

The Crazy Pope
Getty Images/Franco Origlia/Salon

It’s been a rough couple weeks for the man who wears the pointy hat.

He’s been slapped with a lawsuit. He’s been excoriated by Sinéad O’Connor. And in an (pardon the phrase) utterly damning series of New York Times stories, he’s been implicated in one of the worst sex abuse cover-ups in the Catholic Church’s not-too-shabby history of sex abuse scandals.

To cut the guy some slack, Pope Benedict XVI has done a hell of a lot of apologizing lately, talking tough on the “heinous crimes” committed by the members of his profession. And before we storm the Vatican with pitchforks and torches, we’ll note that according to the National Catholic Register, no documents have yet emerged directly linking the artist formerly known as Joseph Ratzinger to the mismanagement of any sex abuse cases. In fact, under his watch in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, he pushed for an unprecedented level of reform and investigation.

But being the front-line guy for an organization that’s harbored a truly outstanding number of child rapists can take a toll on a person. And so, as Catholics around the world began the Holy Week sprint toward Easter, the 82-year-old pontiff was sounding a tad defensive. In his Palm Sunday sermon, he took a moment to speak about “the courage of not allowing oneself to be intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion.” Hey, pope, not to tell you how to do your job or anything, but really, when your business is looking at thousands of sex crimes — not a good moment to trot out the word “gossip.”

Things got more heated as the week wore on, when the Vatican’s Cardinal William J. Levada issued a testy official statement dissing the Times for its “attack mode” saying that “in rushing to a guilty verdict, [the Times] lacks fairness in its coverage of Pope Benedict.”

Then, during a Good Friday service conducted by the pope’s official preacher, the Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa, the pontiff sat quietly while the priest quoted a letter he said came from a Jewish friend. “I am following the violent and concentric attacks against the church, the pope and all the faithful by the whole world,” he said. “The use of stereotypes, the passing from personal responsibility and guilt to a collective guilt, remind me of the more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism.”

That’s right — comparing the outrage over real crimes and cover-ups to anti-Semitism. And this from the people who gave you the Crusades! Also, I’m sorry, Cantalamessa, but if we’re talking about “passing from personal responsibility,” didn’t your own boss Benedict recently swat some of the blame for the epidemic of pedophilia in Ireland by laying it on “the rapid transformation and secularization of Irish society”?

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