Murdered USA

From The Internet Archive captures of the second phase of its rudimentary beginnings, three pages. It got no further then, its real origin comes from farther back, on FIGHT here and here archived from Aug 28 1999.

U.S. Queers murdered since October 12, 1998

Listed in order by date

This list of murdered Queers is one of our most visited sections. It contains information on every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or intersexed person we are aware of who has been murdered since Matthew Shepard was killed on October 12, 1998. We also include people who were murdered because their killers thought they were Queer.

Page 1 Archived Aug 01 2001

Page 2 Archived Jul 26 2001

Page 3 Archived Apr 11 2001

There is a more current, even less complete listing beginning at Murdered U.S.A. on

Back to the Present: Once again I’m kicking the tires somewhere, closer to getting this back up coherently. Looks like I’ll be settling down behind WordPress after all.

Please help us all keep track of what’s happening to each other. Please care enough about what happened behind that screaming?

If a murder happens, and if it even looks like it might develop into a case where the person was murdered because the killer knew or thought his victim was what I flippantly call a GLIBT, please email me, Allan, ballanross whatever you can, especially if the unknown subject of interest is not in custody yet.

Can always use respectable, respectful, close-contact information conduits (perhaps you?) for family and friends to use to share here if they wish. Written and video interviews and photographs of people, crime scenes — yes, even gruesome pictures if they’ve been released for publication by the family and/or police. Sending them to us does not mean they are definitely going to be published. “Before” pictures at least.

I’m an experienced, retired news hound in real life who never can quite give it up altogether. My energies wax and wane but I keep coming back.

They say that once it’s on the Internet it never goes away. That’s what I’m hoping.

The endless listing of accurate information (others began long ago, some still publishing; still very recent in human history) comes late in history.

Sadly, we still have new generations of ignorant humans who happen to be wired for and successfully programmed with the majority’s affectional alignment, in their public behavior anyway — and who happen also to be wired to psychotically hate their own inner lesbian, or maybe they simply chose to therefore murder someone because they believed or knew the person was gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex or transgender.

Even with the newly ennobled nearly “rabid” anti-gays in the U.S.A. warring against the U.S.A., and afflicting public, private, political, personal, police and government with people who give themselves holy permission to lie outrageously to get what they want (for god!?) — and the nearly non-stop ritual public gay-shaming propaganda — this is still a new beginning. Again.

The nascent Gettysburg Project will tie in here too, with lots of accurate information for honoring ceremonially, on the “fields” where they’ve been taken from us, those women, men, and children murdered because they are, or are thought to be, GLIBT.

That’s Gay, Lesbian, Intersex, Bisexual or Transgender. Those are often all lumped together by such haters and killers, becoming just “fag” or something similar.

There has never been any advertising, and there won’t be (if you see any while you’re here, please report it to me, because we have no ads).

I’m interested in memorializing more about more people without taking up groundspace permanently (will the planet become just a cemetary?).

Each murdered human being sacrificed in this legendary, ongoing war on us Queers — GLIBTs (I always capitalize “Queers”, because to me, it’s a chin-up, broad smile, proud nickname that still sends chills up and down the spine of this Queer Nation relic. Must be muscle memory. Eager anticipation of direct action. Just using it keeps my energy level up.).

B. Allan Ross


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