Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow explains why CNN’s elevation of Michele Bachmann’s speech for a Republican, for-profit political consulting firm’s “tea party” organization was a dubious editorial decision on State of the Union night, particularly given CNN’s partnership with that organization.

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ABC News Traces Link Between Uganda “Kill the Gays” Bill and American Anti-Gay Movement’s Scott Lively

Filed by Waymon Hudson for

Mar 11 2010

(Edited, emphasis added)

ABC Nightline News has a good piece up on the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill, and the direct connection to the rabid anti-gay movement in the U.S.

ABC News focuses on Scott Lively — a professional gay-hater, Holocaust revisionist, and recognized hate group leader from the U.S. — who has traveled to Uganda to whip up anti-gay animus in the country, leading to the “anti-homosexuality” bill.

The two video reports are worth a watch, since they not only show Lively, but also Bilerico-reading “pastor” Martin “Show Porn in Church” Ssempa (whom we have talked about extensively on the Bilerico Project), as well as crowds in Uganda chanting for death to “homos.” Keep a listen out for Ssempa comparing being gay to being a terrorist, saying homosexuality is “sexual terrorism.”

Notice how that Leviticus verse that we’ve talked about pops up on signs? Ugh.

There is a shorter version with more footage from the ABC nightly News on the same page.

Why does Richard Simmons still deny being gay?

Why is Richard Simmons still ashamed of being gay? He has made his millions while mocking stereotypical effeminate males who are gay or are assumed to be gay.

Just like that cowardly Liberace.

Just like Little Richard, who also does no public gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex or transgender equality work at all, that I’m aware of, instead he’s an anti-gay equality hyper-showy Christian.

All of them have denied being gay. Richard Simmons even claims to be married.

Do YOU know of some gender identity or sexual orientation equality efforts in which Richard Simmons is involved or to which he contributes time, money, anything?

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I can’t not watch the absurd, bat-shit crazy antics of Westboro Baptist “Church.”

What I mean to say is, I can’t stop watching @MeganPhelps, her madre Shirley Phelps-Roper, and her cult leader Fred Phelps, because I know that one day, they will destroy themselves.

What I mean to say is: if you were to watch them, maybe you’d help be a part of their downfall. You can’t combat evil without knowing it’s there.


One response to “Videos

  1. lev2013orstfu

    Thu Mar 11 2010 at 11:38 pm

    Cowardly liars Lively and Ssempa need to either start killing gays and lesbians themselves as they say they are literally instructed by God via Leviticus 20:13, or they need to shut the fuck up.

    Lively’s in Uganda, huh? I wonder how the nearby fanatically heterosexual supremacist Rwandans he calls gay like being called homosexuals?

    Scotty should remember that he’s not safe at home in the U.S.A. right now. He’s in a place, both mentally and geographically, where life is cheap.

    He had better hope he doesn’t run into an angry, deadly African Queen!



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